MEMBERSHIP (excerpted from Bylaws)

A prospective member must submit a written application in form as approved by the OHC, pay the current dues to the Membership Committee, and agree to the Bylaws and Standing Rules of OHC. Members may reside in or outside of Ohio. The membership year commences on January 1 and ends on December 31. Members are considered active if they have complied with Section 4.1 of the Bylaws prior to October 1 of the calendar year and are not under suspension or expulsion. Active members are entitled to all benefits of membership including the right to vote. A membership paid after October 1 entitles the member to the benefits of membership except for the right to vote in the current year. All members shall conduct themselves so as to best represent the ideals of OHC.

Individual membership is open to any person age eighteen (18) or older. An active individual member shall be entitled to one (1) vote and may hold office if eligible under Article V.

Family membership is open to spouses or domestic partners, at least one of whom is age eighteen (18) or older, and their dependents. Dependent means that the spouse(s) or domestic partner(s) contribute greater than fifty percent (50%) of the dependent’s support. Family members must physically reside in the same household. Active family members, age eighteen (18) or older, shall each be entitled to one (1) vote, with a maximum of two (2) votes per family, and each may hold office if eligible under Article V. Family members under the age of eighteen (18) may not vote nor hold office.

Youth membership is open to any person under the age of eighteen (18) as of January 1. Youth members must be sponsored by an adult member, with written permission of their parent or guardian. Youth members are not permitted to vote or to hold office.

Associate membership is open to any group or individual desiring to support OHC. Associate members must be affiliated with and sponsored by a county chapter. Associate members are not permitted to vote or to hold office.

Any member may be a Member at Large if he or she does not claim a county chapter affiliation. An active member at large shall have the benefits, voting and office holding rights of an individual, family, youth or lifetime member, whichever is applicable. A member at large may not claim a chapter affiliation for the entire membership year.

Basic vs Plus Memberships

• OHC Basic – includes all discounts listed (under the "My Advantage Discounts" tab on the Membership menu) from the American Horse Council. Also, OHC state and chapter levels have relationships with Ohio-based retailers.  For example, all OHC members receive a free subscription to The Horsemen’s Corral valued at $30. Throughout the year retailers such as Cashman’s may offer limited discounts to OHC members. In addition, OHC chapters have relationships with local businesses who offer members discounts when an OHC member makes purchases in their stores.

• OHC Plus – All the benefits in an OHC Basic membership are in the OHC Plus membership plus a $1 million equine excess personal liability insurance from Equisure for individuals and families including all of the Association Resource Group items (Benefits, Prescriptions, and ARG Discounts tabs under Membership menu). OHC, along with many other US equine clubs and organizations, is a member of Association Resource Group (ARG): Contact for a complete listing that includes Hertz, PetSmart, Horse Saddle Shop, Sheplers, Equisure, 1-800-PetMeds and more. 


County chapter membership forms can be found under the Chapter List or Chapter Map.