The 2018 primary member forms are fillable pdf forms (they have "fill" in the filename). The forms can be printed normally or can be filled out electronically and saved and/or printed. Depending on your browser, you may need to download the form to your device before you can use a pdf application such as Adobe Reader to fill out the form.

Benefits of Membership - Shows you some of the benefits for belonging to the Ohio Horseman's Council

If an applicant is joining a chapter, please navigate to that chapter's page to print or download the specific chapter membership fillable pdf form.

Chapter Map

Chapter List

The generic form should be only used by At Large members and not by specific chapter members and is located at:

At Large Membership Form

There are three different ways to join the Ohio Horseman’s Council. For all three methods, first determine the type of membership that you want to purchase (as described at this link OHC Membership Options), then go to either the At Large Membership Form page (this generic form should be only used by At Large members and not by specific chapter members), or if joining a chapter, the county chapter page ( find with either Chapter List or Chapter Map pages) and download the pdf form to your deviceUsing Fillable PDF Forms


If a Family or Youth Membership Form, Please make sure both BOTH Applicants or Applicant and Parent or Guardian sign the application.

1. You can follow the traditional route and print, fill out form, and send along with your check to the address on the application
2. Type all your information into the form and print then sign, date, and send along with your check to the address on the application.
3. Type in all your information, including an electronic signature (either type your name(s) into the signature line(s) or electronically sign through your form filling program), date, and then save to your device. (You should open the saved form in Adobe Reader or whatever PDF application you are using to be sure that your filled in data was actually saved). Remember where you save the form file to, as you will need to select it in the next step.


After you fill out and save the fillable membership form as per instructions above, then click the type of membership below to go to payment page.

Fill in ALL of the required fields ( they have a red asterick beside them), browse to the filename of your filled in application, select your county affiliation and click the PayPal button to complete your payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you may pay by credit or debit card, by clicking on the appropriate button, on the PayPal site.

If filling out a Family OR a Youth Membership, Please have both parties physically OR digitally sign the Membership Application as stated on application form, above the signature lines.


Individual Membership WITHOUT Insurance

Youth Membership WITHOUT Insurance

Family Membership WITHOUT Insurance

Individual Membership WITH Insurance

Family Membership WITH Insurance